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Steve Phillips
Steve Phillips
2 years ago

Here is a thing Patrick, we understand Jesus’s return is his second coming. But, after He rose from the dead, and was going to the Father. He said to Mary, do not cling to me, I have not yet ascended to my father. Therefore when the decuples saw him. He must have acceded to His Father and come back on earth. He said to Thomas whom we know as Doubting Thomas, see my hands, put your hand in my side. see that it is I. Thomas fell at His feet and worshiped him. My Lord and my God. Therefore, to… Read more »

Steve Phillips
Steve Phillips
1 year ago
Reply to  Patrick Wood

That explains how we can get caught up to meet Christ in the clouds. In other words if we are not included amongst them Christians whom are over come killed, we will be caught up to meet Christ on His return. I thought we were going to go through Tribulation until the end of that period, when Jesus return. I seem to have gotten it mixed up. It will be them that are left behind go through Tribulations. But when do we start ruling with Jesus for a thousand years? I really enjoyed this Revelations sermon, some of it especially… Read more »