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Patrick Wood

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2 years ago

In these most perilous of times, as the world spreads its message of fear and hopelessness, Patrick Wood teaches the Revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ. It’s a message of great hope and peaceful anticipation of His glorious appearing. The world trembles at the threat of war and economic collapse unable to see God’s hand of control in all of it. But Wood reminds us of Jesus’ words, “I come quickly.” One thing I appreciated most about this study was Wood’s different approach to this book. He makes connections to supporting scriptures I had never made nor heard others make.… Read more »

Steve Phillips
Steve Phillips
2 years ago

That was nicely presented. I’m sure that helps to take it for what John was shown instead of trying to make something of it. I have started here at the end. I hope to watch all these Revelation videos making my way to the first one. I have read it through, a number of times. I tend to get confused with order of events. I recall John was shown inside a corner room. But, do not recall without checking if he entered it. Did he forget what he saw, I wonder or just told not to mention that part. I… Read more »

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