The video series is almost done, and the next project will be to write commentary and explanation of each video. This will appear here as it is completed.

However, each video is quite complete and stands on its own, so you are encouraged to go through each video in order.

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Patrick Wood

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1 year ago

I know this is going to be good, thank you Patrick!!
Shared with several friends before I started. God bless you, and us, as we read and hear this book.
From Gloucester, NSW Australia

Kathryn Reid
Kathryn Reid
1 year ago

Be encouraged Patrrick,. I have watched the first two videos. I am sure God will use your work, clearly prompted by the Holy Spirit in its simplicity, to help many of His bondservants in these end times, to grasp Yeshua’s ongoing work with His body preparing for His imminent return. Thank you for not complicating Revelation, as many ‘theologians have done, claiming the literal Word of God is full of metaphors and allegories. Shalom and blessings Kath

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