Revelation Chapter 1:1-9 Introduction 2

Revelation Chapter 1:1-9 Introduction This is the transcript for this lesson, and you are encouraged to read along… We’re going to have a not usual study tonight, but, tonight, I’m going to start a study in Revelation chapter 1. You can turn your Bibles there if you’d like […]


Tale of Two Kingdoms – Part I

A Christian’s earthly journey is best regulated by a correct view of heaven and its King, Jesus Christ. This is Part 1 or a two part series, presenting information on the Kingdom of Heaven. Part 2 will deal with the rise of the kingdom the […]


Tale Of Two Kingdoms – Part II

The future kingdom of the Antichrist is being prepared today, based on an unholy “trinity” of Transhumanism, Technocracy and Scientific Dictatorship. This is a good overview that connects the dots of resistance and rebellion against the sovereign God of the universe. 

Apostasy in Motion 3

Apostasy in Motion

How and why would any Christian abandon their Savior and sound Bible doctrine to follow after a false religion? In the last days of the church’s sojourn on earth, the apostle Paul alluded to an event that would preclude the return of Christ for the […]