The future kingdom of the Antichrist is being prepared today, based on an unholy “trinity” of Transhumanism, Technocracy and Scientific Dictatorship. This is a good overview that connects the dots of resistance and rebellion against the sovereign God of the universe. 

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Steve Phillips
Steve Phillips
3 years ago

Interesting study. That clearly puts it in a nut shell. God will of course frustrate man’s predictions, and show they are liars. They maybe doing all these things now, for ever learning but not coming to the truth. Their ultimate destiny is disaster and destruction. Unless, they change their ways and come to God right now. Every second people put God off. It gets that much harder. Some say, they will believe in him when they are old before they die. But people sometimes die young through sickness or fatal accident, and sometimes for no apparent reason. Also, when people… Read more »