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Apostasy In Motion

How and why would any Christian abandon their Savior and sound Bible doctrine to follow after a false religion?

In the last days of the church’s sojourn on earth, the apostle Paul alluded to an event that would preclude the return of Christ for the church.

How To Keep Yourself from Being Deceived

Deception is rampant in the church today. Here are some easy ways to keep from falling for myths, fables, false doctrine and a false gospel.

More than Human: The Transhumanist Agenda of Transforming Humans into Posthumans

In The Metaphysics of Virtual Reality Michael Heim has observed, “Behind the development of every major technology lies a vision”.[1] It will be no different with the technologies used by postmoderns to transform themselves into posthumans. Critically examining these mythical and religious themes helps to explain why postmodernity is not displacing modernity as a historical […]